The good, the bad, and the best practices of virtual interviewing

Ten months into the pandemic and it has literally upended many of the ways we get work done, including how we recruit and hire people.  One of the biggest changes I’ve noted is how colleges and universities quickly switched their in-person interview processes to virtual. Last month, while moderating a webinar for the Higher Education … Continue reading The good, the bad, and the best practices of virtual interviewing

Asking great questions

“I have learned that leadership is not about knowing all the answers. It’s about knowing what great questions to ask, and carefully listening to those answers.”      – Patrick Thng, managing director, Development Bank of Singapore In my opinion, one of our best tools in leading others and communicating effectively is in asking great questions. Great … Continue reading Asking great questions

Leveraging the potential of diverse teams

In his 2016 book, Driven by Difference, David Livermore makes the case that high-functioning, diverse teams outperform homogenous teams. However, he says diversity by itself doesn’t contribute to organizational success unless it supports your organization’s mission. And, he adds that unless leaders leverage diversity’s potential, it can actually erode performance and productivity. So how can … Continue reading Leveraging the potential of diverse teams

Seek out diverse perspectives

This last week I've been working with an organization to seek out diverse perspectives before launching a new project. It's been enlightening to hear what people from different states, race/ethnicities, and backgrounds have to say in listening sessions and focus groups. And it reinforces my belief that seeking out diverse perspectives gives leaders greater insight. … Continue reading Seek out diverse perspectives