Leading remote teams in a COVID-19 world

Years ago, when telework was just emerging as a “thing,” I developed and delivered training to help leaders managing remote teams at the University of Minnesota. While it was useful training, it dealt with managing remote work teams during normal times, NOT times of crisis. Leading teams during this COVID-19 pandemic is unique and none … Continue reading Leading remote teams in a COVID-19 world

Building skills for managing change

Last week I shared a post about the importance of communicating for buy-in; however, that is just one part of managing change! Successful change in organizations also requires new behaviors, new mind-sets, new skills and new abilities. They are one of the key building blocks that sustainable change efforts are built upon. But what can … Continue reading Building skills for managing change

Seek out diverse perspectives

Seeking out diverse perspectives can give leaders an important edge in today’s world. Whether embarking on a enterprise-wide change initiative or making decisions that will impact a unit, organization, or community, diverse perspectives can give us the information we need to be more effective. They can keep us honest, keep us from moving into groupthink, … Continue reading Seek out diverse perspectives